Our Story

Our Story - The Shabbos Kitchen

Every great idea has an even greater inspiration behind it. 
This one was our Bubby. If you met her, you would understand. 
Our Bubby was the ultimate source of strength. A powerful force of love, life, and spirit. After fleeing Russia at the start of WW11, she came to America with our Zaidy with one focus in mind. To raise a strong, connected family, and to do it with overflowing love, pride, and an everlasting Jewish foundation. 
It's a funny thing, you know. To have a grandmother who feels like a mother, but also a best friend. 
The fact that she had HUNDREDS of grandchildren, never stopped us from feeling like we were the only one. We were ALL her favorites. As the story goes, a man once approached her husband and asked, "How many grandchildren do you have?" 
Our grandfather gestured to the small child on his lap and answered with a smile, "Like this one, only one." 
This is who our grandparents were. 
Bubby used to say, "The secret ingredient is love." And she was right. Love for our family, love for our community, love for what we stand for-  that's what keeps us going. 
Bubby left us last March. But her spirit is with us, stronger than ever. So, we decided to start something new. Something that would allow Bubby to live on in here in Westport. Something that would make her proud. 
Nothing filled our grandmother with more joy than having her family around the table on Friday night. Weaving the love, tradition, meaning, and family into one warm meal. She lived for it. 
She taught us the power of Shabbos. How Shabbos keeps us together. And thus, The Shabbos Kitchen was born. Since bringing Shabbat to countless homes around town.
Bringing families around the table, returning us to our roots, reconnecting with a higher purpose, and reminding us what's important.
We hope The Shabbos Kitchen will bring some of the love and light that we are so familiar with, to your home too. From our Bubby, straight to you. 
Shabbat Shalom!
The Kantors